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Stone Eagle Farm


Stone Eagle Farm will be a unique Bed and Breakfast after it is restored by Ron Larson (Olde Avon Village). The house in 1974 was placed on the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Register of Historical Places. Stone Eagle Farm was built in 1843 by William E. Hurst at a cost of $643 dollars. The house was in possession of the Hurst Family until 1946. Please use the following link to catch a glimpse of the interior and on the progress of restoration.

Pictures of  Interior Restoration


Picture from the Fall of 1893


Barn Raising 1915




Pictures from 2006 (above and right)


Pictures of Interior Restoration

The Ivy that came from England still grows today !


The Greek Revival style house was originally built on more than 600 acres on Detroit Road and was considered to be one of the largest homes on Cleveland's west side.

"Anything I find historically significant, I will try and save."

  Ron Larson 2006


Unfortunately, the ivy had to be removed

because of the damage it causes to masonry work





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Stone Eagle 2014